Suitable for outdoor use
Activity Level (1) 2 3 (4)

The SmartIP microprocessor controlled knee employs intelligent programming technology that dynamically programs the knee to optimum swing settings for the individual Level 3 activity user, reducing the amount of energy expended by trans-femoral prosthesis users. The weight activated stance control provides an adjustable smooth and yielding transition at toe off.


  • Smart Programming, electromechanical, adjustable terminal impact and extension damping
  • Comfortable gait from very slow to very fast walking speeds
  • Smoother speed progression because of enhanced program
  • Weight activated stance control
  • Stanceflex option improves comfort
  • Battery life expectancy 9-12 months under normal usage
  • 140° knee flexion
  • 4-Bolt option reduces build height


Max. user weight:

125kg (275lbs)
Activity level:  3
Component weight:  1.27kg Stanceflex (2 lb 13 oz)
1.15kg 4-Bolt (2 lb 9 oz)
Control unit: Swing: MPK/Pneumatic
Stance: mechanical


Suitable for outdoor use


Part Number:

Stanceflex options:


4-Bolt options:


Socket Adapters

SmartIP Socket Adapters


An annual visual inspection is recommended. Check for visual defects that may affect proper function. Maintenance must be carried out by competent personnel.

Last updated: 20th August 2018

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